Over the past fifty years, Steve Brandt and his wife, Judy, have spent roughly one-third of their time living near the top of the Sierra Crest at 7,100’ elevation; one-third in Silicon Valley near Stanford; and one-third living on a small island in the ocean near the Canadian border in the Northwest. Each year for nearly twenty-five years the couple reviewed and refined there own Rules for SImple Living. Those rules form the underpinning of this book. Steve founded or co-founded six companies and wrote four popular books on managing. He is also a member of the emeritus faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he taught for twenty-one years. Judy trained at Stanford to be a concert pianist. She also became an award-winning spinner of wool, knitter, weaver, quilter, and sheep farmer, while raising a family.

Steven C. Brandt spent 40-yrs. starting/running companies and teaching management at Stanford Business School.


Lost Pants Mine
Lost Pants Mine: Gold, Love, Adventure

The old West was an incubator for gold mines that became “lost.” Most still are. An 1879 story in a San Francisco newspaper triggered a steady trickle of prospectors and speculators searching the Owens River headwaters in the High Sierra for a lost mine, with no success. Now a wizened, sixty year-old prospector, Frank; a prominent Reno woman of thirty four, Ursula; and two brothers—Mark, a celebrity, thirty six year-old geology professor at the University of Nevada, Reno; and Quid, age twenty seven and recently released from prison—become entangled in a high-tech effort to locate the elusive mine. 



Simplicity 101
Simplicity 101



Simplicity is ten ideas on how to live a fuller life in the face of tremendous external pressures to conform to the ideas of others, corporations and individuals.
The ten ideas have been developed and honed over twenty years of direct experience with the subject.




Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning in Emerging Companies



Perspectives, Planning, Beyond Planning and Readings.










Stay out of court and in business
Stay out of Court and In Business



There seems to be an epidemic of lawsuits today. Businesses are prime targets. Educate yourself and your staff before problems arise. This book will show you how to handle employment discrimination, workplace sexual harassment, insurance, product liability, contracts, litigation, and more.







Focus your Business
Focus your Business


Brandt describes emerging companies as those that are no longer small and are certain to be firmly established in the future. He urges these companies to implement comprehensive strategic planning to help decide what the company should become and how to achieve it. The author first offers perspectives on how management practices in a growing company must be adapted to its larger size and scope. He then shows how strategic planning is a necessary discipline to ensure focus in an emerging enterprise. Final chapters deal with the requirements for executing the strategic plan in order to achieve optimum results. We learn that the basic tools for ensuring long-term growth are understanding the internal and external environment, setting expectations, deciding on strategy, adapting the organization’s design and processes, adjusting management and leading styles, improving people skills, and cultivating a desired culture. The author claims that thoughtful and action-oriented strategic planning will help the emerging company establish a sustainable competitive advantage and become bigger without getting fatter. Mary Whaley


 You will discover how to set objectives for yourself and the business; select the right partners, investors, key employees; define your product or service and market; prepare a useful business plan; monitor and conserve cash and credit; expand methodically; avoid stress and look ahead.