More Excerpts from “A Woman’s Prerogative”

                                                                                                                      August 7, 2018

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Hello again. Here are a few more excerpts for various chapters in my new novel, a Romantic Thriller with Historical Roots.

From an early chapter:

“I’ve known for three years this moment would arrive. It had to. Greta softly pushed him back to arm’s length and smoothed her skirt as she paused to pick her words. “Alex, please listen to me. I do have to prove myself, at least to myself. I’m not a goddess like you think. Only two people truly know my story, my father and me. I have waited to tell you my secrets; it’s been painful…and heavy on me.”  

From a later chapter:

Alex turned to Quid. “Quid, you cannot tell your girlfriends even one tiny thing about our plans. Not one! And the same goes for you, Frank. We don’t need your Dutch Flat lady friends showing up on Deadman Pass on horseback looking for you or seducing you at home for information between now and August.” Frank chuckled and grinned again.

From another later chapter:

“Will you marry me?” His thoughts had rewound back to the long minutes when he was alone, deserted. 
“Yes,” she answered softly. “I will.” She smiled and tilted her martini glass toward him.

Alex was seated on the floor and leaning against the sofa where she was partially stretched out. She tickled his neck with a bare, big toe.

“When?” he asked.
“Soon.“What does that mean”
“Before long,” she whispered, and she reached down and caressed his head with her left hand.


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