EXCITING TIMES FOR “A Woman’s Prerogative”

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A Woman’s Prerogative is making steady inroads into the wild jungle of the adult novels marketplace. The book is drawing good reviews and testimonials from both women and men. It fits perfectly into these, our times, e.g. the issues, feelings, actions, and outcomes surrounding the recent Mid-Term Elections. And readers seem to become quickly engaged in the twists and turns of Greta and Alex’s relationship that are complicated by the risk-taking they each take on in their separate careers as they travel their 30’s seeking to prove themselves to themselves and others.  

Below is one testimonial from a professional book reviewer who reviewed the book this month, November 2018. In addition, there are a few more excerpts directly from the book.

Recent Testimonial:

“I found Alex, 34, and the two supporting men, Quid, 27, and Frank, 65, to be well-developed characters. I could easily conjure images of Alex as a handsome, hi-tech geologist and professor as well as a romantic; Frank, 65, a wizened but wise gold prospector with a big heart; and Quid, Alex’s reckless younger brother who was both funny and dangerous at times. I was less able to connect with wealthy Greta, 32, the primary woman in the story. While I appreciated Brandt’s focus on portraying her as a knowledgeable, assertive businesswoman with political ambitions, I felt she lacked depth and warmth. Despite my feelings about Greta, I appreciated the book’s realistic conclusion, which was satisfying and likely, given the page-turner subtleties of the story. Additionally, the book appears to have been professionally edited, as I only noted a few errors in Greta’s lively business-turnaround efforts and Alex, her lover’s, high-risk gold-seeking gamble. I recommend it to readers who enjoy romantic adventures and the relationship stresses and joys they can produce. I also think the actual historical roots of the characters and much of the content added authenticity to this work of fiction.” -Cecilia L., a professional reviewer for the OnlineBookClub of over half-million active members. Nov 2018

Excerpts from Book:

From Chapter 8

Greta remained as excited as the three prospectors as the weeks of June and July mushed together in a blur. She was less than a month into her new position as the Sadler Corporation Treasurer and finding it challenging as well as educational. Alex kept her in the loop as the preparations for the search for the long-lost gold mine proceeded. She asked him to do so and he was happy to have her as his “fourth prospector,” as he called her from time to time.

Excerpt from Chapter 11

“Señores, I am going to kill you one at a time, and we will bury you on Deadman Pass with your ancestors. “Two of the banditos twisted around without moving their feet. “Put your hands where I can see them,” came Quid’s calm voice again. All the two banditos could see was the campfire reflecting off the barrel of a large pistol aimed at them. Except for the lower arm, the holder of the pistol was out of sight in the protection of a large fir tree, in the dark.

“Now, you there with the shotgun in your arms…

Excerpt from another Chapter

She pulled Alex to her and put his arms around her neck. “Just love me,” she sighed. He pecked her closed lips slowly, left to right; she reciprocated going right to left on his. The firelight danced on the ceiling. His lips opened slightly and the tips of their tongues touched; a shudder passed through each. Then their tongues tangled together. Greta’s breathing increased and soon they were caressing each other’s bodies with their hands. Slowly they moved over hills and valleys as their kisses became deeper…deeper…

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