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There was an excellent turnout for the April 20th promotion of A Woman’s Prerogative by Amazon/Kindle and the OnineBookClub.org with its million members around the world. 800+ people signed on for a FREE ebook edition download of the novel. Publishers Weeklya legend for its terrific distribution connection to 30,000 bookstores everywhere—then put water on the flowers with a featured interview of this author in a Q & A format. It’s up on the top of this message. Thank all of you who responded to the April opportunity for a free “lunch.”


On May 25 the team above will do a similar promotion for The Golden Windowmy Collection #1 of poems. I have had a heart-warming reaction from readers of many of the quite-different poems in the book—my virgin trek into the mountains of poetry. Of course, writing some of the poems about or for my wife, Judy, was and is wistful to me. (This May 25 would have been her 81stbirthday; July 11, our 60thanniversary.) Caregiving is the name of the book’s last section.

I will send the details of the upcoming promotion to you in the next week after which I will be getting cataracts removed. The promotion centerpiece will be…ANOTHER FREE LUNCH! Just mark the date + the two days before and the two days after, and check into the book via Amazon Books between May 23—27. The poems are a thought-full gift to friends, family, children, and grandchildren, etc. who might find inspiration or joy or humor in one or more of the poems in the six main Parts of the book: Self-Reliance; Living Full; Nature; Joys; Sorrows; and Caregiving. Plus…it was written for folks who don’t usually do poetry, which was my case until about six years ago. Live and learn!


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