Here it is, as  promised – A Woman’s Prerogative

This story is anchored by historical roots to the gold and silver strikes found in the old west 1849—1869. Greta Sadler, an attractive woman in her early thirties, returns home to Reno, Nevada after ten adventuresome years on the east coast. Near home she meets Alex Mackenzie, a brainy, rugged, hi-tech Professor of Geology at the University of Nevada, Reno. They become lovers against her father’s wishes. Greta is his only remaining child and he is the President of the Sadler Corporation, a 90-year-old family company in northern Nevada. The professor’s younger brother, Quid, shows up unexpectedly after years in the U.S. Navy and, recently, some time in jail. He finds a bowling alley job in Reno, learns to play blackjack at the casinos, and eventually meets a wizened 5th generation gold prospector, Frank Adams. Frank believes he is close to locating the legendary Lost Pants Mine first reported in an 1879 San Francisco newspaper story. A hundred years later Alex, Frank, and Quid team up to complete the search in the High Sierra near the town of Mammoth Lakes, CA. Meanwhile, Greta and Alex’s personal stories become more and more interwoven as external events pull each of them into difficult, life-altering decisions and some unexpected consequences. Love, money, changing ambitions, sibling rivalry, and Sadler-family frictions intersect with a desire Greta and Alex each have to prove themselves to themselves and others as they traverse their thirties with nagging, unanswered questions flickering in their heads. Natural and human happenings add to the stresses they encounter, including blackmail, an earthquake, entombment, a paternity suit, mountain bandits, a Northern Nevada Ol’ Boy network, and the potential bankruptcy of the Sadler Corporation.

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 Some people have fairy-tale lives. Others live with wrenching,

emotional or physical pain. Most have a mix, sometimes with elements hidden. The sum of it all often creeps into consciousness as one confronts death, first hand. Friends and loved ones begin to pass on—in a flash or bit by bit via a debilitating disease. Meanwhile, media inundates ones’ senses relentlessly with ads about anti-aging drugs and “expert” advice on how to live on indefinitely without gray hair, wrinkles, or failing body parts. The Golden Window author uses poetry, the music of words, to share his experiences in ways meant to resonate with and lift readers in their own lives, as the fairy-tale part falters. The poems are divided into six parts: Self-Reliance; Living Full; Nature; Joys; Sorrows; and Caregiving. His words are those of an unseen friend conversing quietly with you as you make your journey.





This book is historical fiction, a mix of actual facts and imagination. It is meant to entertain and inform. The books includes chapters on the formation of Lake Tahoe, the discovery of the lake by American, John Fremont in 1844, the gold rush, the silver rush at Squaw Valley and in Nevada, Tahoe’s Lovers’ Leap, and a number of other stories that are related to specific places at Lake Tahoe.




Simplicity is ten ideas on how to live a fuller life in the face of tremendous external pressures to conform to the ideas of others, corporations and individuals.
The ten ideas have been developed and honed over twenty years of direct experience with the subject.





Stay out of court and in business
Stay out of Court and In Business

There seems to be an epidemic of lawsuits today. Businesses are prime targets. Educate yourself and your staff before problems arise. This book will show you how to handle employment discrimination, workplace sexual harassment, insurance, product liability, contracts, litigation, and more.



Brandt describes emerging companies as those that are no longer small and are certain to be firmly established in the future. He urges these companies to implement comprehensive strategic planning to help decide what the company should become and how to achieve it. The author first offers perspectives on how management practices in a growing company must be adapted to its larger size and scope. He then shows how strategic planning is a necessary discipline to ensure focus in an emerging enterprise. Final chapters deal with the requirements for executing the strategic plan in order to achieve optimum results. We learn that the basic tools for ensuring long-term growth are understanding the internal and external environment, setting expectations, deciding on strategy, adapting the organization’s design and processes, adjusting management and leading styles, improving people skills, and cultivating a desired culture. The author claims that thoughtful and action-oriented strategic planning will help the emerging company establish a sustainable competitive advantage and become bigger without getting fatter. 


 You will discover how to set objectives for yourself and the business; select the right partners, investors, key employees; define your product or service and market; prepare a useful business plan; monitor and conserve cash and credit; expand methodically; avoid stress and look ahead.